Sunday, January 15, 2012 this is cool! A dad is blogging about keeping your cars going, and getting your girls interested in cool cars

This photo is from his site, ain't that cool! He's taking his kids to car shows, and trying to get them interested! Bravo!

Here's a quick excerpt from his blog:
“Daddy, let's go work on the cars.” That is on the my top ten list of the best things a car guy can hear his kids say, and those were the words that began every day of the long 4th of July weekend. My 3 year old decided that she really wanted to work on the old cars, and I was happy to oblige.

 One of the great things about being a kid and working with your dad (or mom, for some folks) on a car, is that you experience all of the fun and the joy, but none of the frustration. All of the frustration and anger I'm feeling about not getting my Mercury running had started to taint the fun of working on the cars a little; not so for my daughters.

My girls have certainly had a blast. We have spent quite a few weekends over the summer doing car related things--everything from car shows to drag races--and it has clearly gotten into their blood. After the long weekend helping me with the old cars, when I had to get back to business as usual, they wanted to keep doing car stuff. I came home to find they had taken a cardboard box and built what they called “an old Chevy.” It had a Styrofoam bowl for a steering wheel, an old baby booster for the car seat, and a lowrider inspired paint scheme. They were both hard at work on the when I got home and were beaming with pride when they showed it to me. We've kept the “Chevy” intact for almost 3 weeks now.

From his "About me and my blog" section:
This blog began as a way to explain to my wife why I keep trying to buy old cars, and why I keep adding aftermarket parts to a car that works perfectly fine without them. It evolved into a blog about being a car guy, and about raising my girls to enjoy cars as much as I do.

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