Friday, December 30, 2011

Bugatti among the pioneers in auto records, longest car, first production car to 100mph

Longest Wheelbase - Bugatti Royale 4.57 m (180 in)

the world’s first 100 mph production car
and credits the Type 43 of 1927-31

Baskin Robbins ice cream says "Burt Baskin owned a 1931 Rolls Royce Phantom II, the world's first 100 mph passenger car" of course, the catch is that they call the Rolls a "Passenger" car, and not a "Production" car, of which the Bugatti is barely a production car, being hand built, race cars by design

And contending the record is a Gobron-Brillie
On July 21, 1904 in Ostend, Belgium Louis Rigolly stepped into his Gobron-Brillié ready to drive down the Ostend-Newport road.
This was no ordinary drive however, as Louis Rigolly pushed his 15-liter Gobron-Brillié  to an unheard of 103.56 MPH.
And who or what measured that speed in 1904 Belgium? Down to 2 decimal places even!

But that is backed up by which details the date and engine size
On 21 July 1904, a 13 1/2 litre opposed piston Gobron-Brillie

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