Sunday, December 11, 2011

Autobooks - Aerobooks in Burbank... the magazine and bookstore for hot rodders

 There are donuts behind the crowd in this top photo... lots of bench racing going on

 Lots of the old issues of Rodders Journal! Only 15 bucks a piece, I don't know where you can possibly find them for less (if anyone knows, let me know!
 Lots of the new books that you ought to get a look at to see what needs to come home with you

 They have old issues of lots of magazines too (bottom section)

 Street Rod Premiere is there! I bought the new issue because I can't find it anywhere... they even carry Hagerty Magazine!

 The issues of Church are all there, plus nearly every other magazine you've liked, heard of, and wanted

For a cool gallery of this Shelby GT 500 and the bookstore: is their website to see whats new, address and hours

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