Saturday, November 5, 2011

A woman with both daughters, husband, and brother are striken with cancer is making a 67 Mustang fastback to sell to raise funds for the American Cancer Society... all from donated parts

her story was sent to me by Hush Mat,

My name is Mary Jean Wesche. I am the editor of the Mustang Club of Americas (MCA) magazine Mustang Times. The reason why I am writing and asking for your help is:

My youngest daughter was diagnosed with Breast Cancer at age 24. She is now 33 and has been fighting this hideous disease for nine years. She is a beautiful woman with two beautiful daughters. The scenario is heart breaking for any parent. I couldn’t take this disease away from her, and I felt helpless. Just about the time I decided to take on this project to raise money to help find a cure, my oldest daughter was also diagnosed with Breast Cancer. She was is in her mid 30s. She is also a beautiful woman and has a beautiful daughter.

As you can imagine, as a mother I was devastated. My two daughters were the drive behind this project. It is something I feel can be accomplished and possibly will help further the research to find a cure.

My oldest daughter has been cancer-free for two years, while my youngest is still fighting.

Just recently I have lost my brother to cancer and again felt helpless through the entire ordeal, only to find out a few weeks after my brothers death that my loving husband, the heart and soul of my life has been stricken by cancer as well.

In an effort to cope with and provide hope to others in my situation, my dream is to build and raise funds for American Cancer Society through the Mystical Build of the 1967 Fastback Mustang that will be a chance drawing. We are presently seeking donations to complete the build.

Thank you for your time. Anything you can do to help is appreciated.
Mary Jean Wesche

Dynacorn donated the body, and that is tremendous! I hope you want to be a part of this, I hope you take a moment and do what you can to help. I can spread the word.

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