Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Mopar is selling cool musclecar era parts once again!

 these were the cool diplay cases they had at SEMA this year
But this would be the ultimate  xmas gift for a 1970 Challenger owner that has everything else. Bitching display of the owners manual, service manual, and data book. Serious hint here Justacagal! a display case like this would be awesome, painted in your cars colors, to fit your owners manual, warranty booklet, service repair book, and maybe build sheet or something else. I'm not sayiong buy the one I photographed here, but use this as a start to make your own customized to your own Mopar. I love it!
And finally, I wanted to point out that they are very smart in using a variation of the bumble bee stripe from the Scat Pack cars on their publicity material. a thin black line to either side of the thick center stripe would be exactly what the bumble bee stripe on the Scat Pack cars around the trunk looks like, but htis is a good thing they are doing. No complaints

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