Tuesday, October 25, 2011

So, I'm buying a car, and told the salesguy what I wanted. He was an idiot. He didn't tell me he'd get it, (I want a white car and they didn't have one) and sell it to me.

When anyone walks in and tells a salesman they are here to buy... the only thing the salesman should do is tell that customer, I'm here to get you that car, what would you like.

That isn't what happened today. I said I want a white one. The salesguy said, we don't have a white one.


I said get it, I'm here to buy it, I'll be back when you get it here.



I told him, I don't sign anything til I see that car I want. Then you give me the sales contract, and you get a commission, I get a car, we're both happy.

THIS IDIOT DOESN"T GET IT. I mean him, not me.

He believes that the dealership (included in this conversation was the manager) refuses to get me the car I'm in the showroom floor to buy. UNLESS I SIGN PAPERWORK.

I guess me telling him that I'm gonna go get the car from where it's at doesn't faze him.... Cause that is what I'll do.

But I'm not stupid either, I called one of the other 5 dealerships in San Diego and here's how that conversation goes... I'm telling you because you are still reading, and I figure you're a person who likes what I have to say about cars or you wouldn't be reading my blog anyway...

I called, Alan answered...
"I want to buy a car from you"
"What can I sell you" he replied.
I said " You are the right guy, here's what I want"
he told me there is only one available in the state of California.
I said "Get it, I want it, I've already compared the rest of the cars, and this is the one for me."
"I'll see what I can do, and call you back" he replaied.


So, tomorrow we'll see if it's available and if he'll have it ready for me to pick up.

Simple huh? I'm buying, he's selling. No nonsense. No BS
Here's the comparison http://justacarguy.blogspot.com/2011/10/new-car-comparison-of-2012-econo-boxes.html

Update... Alan called me back, and hadn't been able to get ahold of the dealership that is reported to have that car. He didn't call me back the next day, when he did find out something, he let his boss call me instead, and I talked to the sales manager. Nice guy, not very sharp. After I told him I only will buy a white Hyundai Veloster, he went on to tell me about red cars, blue cars, Elantras and other Hyundais.  So I repeated  my decision of white, because he may have forgotten in the disappointment that he must feel at not being able to sell the colors that people do not want, and reminding him that I will buy a White Veloster.

He said that the dealership the White Veloster wouldn't part with it in a dealership trade.

I called them today. I learned the truth.

They don't have the basic car in White, they don't have any white car. They have an invoice on a computer telling them that a White optioned to the max car, that costs 3 thou more, and has options I don't want (sunroof) and won't pay for isn't there yet, but is supposed to be on it's way.

So, no White Veloster. Hyundai has 3 problems, salesmen that aren't honest, sales managers that aren't honest, a lack of cars in the available color I want, and me... a guy who decided to buy the basic car they make, in a basic color, but isn't going to be getting the car that Hyundai advertises that they make. They don't make enough to sell me one.

So why did Alan the salesguy not call me back? Why did his salesmanager not tell me that a car matching my requirements was in another city and that the dealership that had it wouldn't trade it between dealerships?

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