Thursday, October 27, 2011

The Patron Tequila Express... a 1927 railcar of unlimited luxury owned by the guy who owns Patron Tequila, and partner in Paul Mitchell hair care

Labelled by its owner John Paul DeJoria as the 'most unique and finest train car in the world', it was manufactured in 1927

Born in California to a Greek mother and an Italian father, the 67-year-old has been homeless twice and had his first job when he was just nine years old, selling Christmas cards door to door.

He made his first million through his hair care company John Paul Mitchell Systems, which he founded in 1980 with hair dresser Paul Mitchell for $700.

The shiny green, 85-foot long car features a sitting area called the 'Observation Room' with beautifully upholstered chairs, marble bathrooms, a dining area for eight people, gourmet kitchen and sleeping quarters.

Decked out in intricate wood carvings from Maharajah's palace and original 14th-century Gothic art, it is used for Mr DeJoria's private travel and cocktail parties for his spirits business.

Check out the video in the link for a better look
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