Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Commenter KrisGMC pay attention

I am buying a car, get it? I'm not one of the dumbasses you dealt with. Maybe you lump all people into catagories, maybe you are prejudiuced like that.

I take people one at a time.  I buy a car, one at a time.

I do not contract to buy anything that isn't in front of me. If you do, you are an idiot, and maybe you can afford some seaside property in New Mexico I have for sale. Special discount for people who are lumping me in with losers.

For the rest of the readers, KrisGMC wrote:
 I used to sell cars. I would get a specific vehicle for somone only to have them tell me they changed their mind. Maybe you would like to by one of the cars I brought in for people like you who wouldnt commit on paper. Its an extra expense for the dealer and another car to pay interst on for some "buyer" who wont even sign a bill of sale.

In reply to the specifics, those were your actions, not mine. Why confuse your problems with mine? I didn't.

If your dealership would bring in cars when people asked for them, then it sounds like a policy of customer service that had problems. This dealership won't do it, and they are morons. I told them I was there to buy a car, a white car. Get it, I'll buy it. Simple.

Life isn't as difficult for me perhaps, I keep it simple. When I finally got out of debt recently, and my daily driver made it appearant that it isn't going to live much longer, I did my homework, for more than most people, and decided to post the info, plus buy the best car.

Sidenote, I don't give a damn what the dealer puts up with to sell cars. That is the function of a car dealer... to get the cars buyers ask for. You got a problem with that? Take it up with people who operate car dealerships, You got a problem with me? I don't think so, you would probably respect that I am not effing around with cars, salesmen, or my readers.

You might even thank me for buying a car that I tell a dealership to get for me, as you seem to be righteously upset with the people that wouldn't do the right thing and you seem to prefer the people who did buy the car.

Next time, have the balls to add your email to your profile on Blogger, and I won't have to post a response, I'll just email it to you instead.

By the way, I called another dealership after getting this nonsense from the first dealership, and told them I wanted to buy a car, he said he'll get it. See? Not everyone has the stick up the ass about some contract to get a car delivered. Some understand that they must get the cars that customers want to buy in order to sell the cars

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