Monday, December 27, 2010

Real unusual things from trailer washers, motorized wheels, to tank track Rolls Royces

Never seen one before, and something about the age of a black and white photo tells me that these are obsolete
I have no idea at all what this is

Ok, but why take it out if you have to add skis?

Really early car phone

Odd stuff on this tow truck

1890's and I was told it's a velocipede
Lenin's 1922 Rolls Royce Silver Ghost snow machine. Most expensive snow machine conversion? or strangest use for a Rolls Royce?

I've never seen a photo of a tractor involved in a car crash

no idea what the motorbike in front is

Never seen a train engine like this... must be for moving train cars around in a train yard

For packing dirt roads?

Early Daytona Beach racers with superchardged Auburns, before NASCAR took over racing on Daytona Beach

Click for full size to read the story

Two of the rare Jeeps the (1959) FC 59, but the below is even more rare

Model T tank

Love the motor wheels... I'd so love to ride one! This one was investigated by Hemmings Blog and you can read more about it: it went 93mph... I doubt that anyone did that more than once given the conditions of roads in Italy in 1931 to 1933, that's when the above photo was taken, 1931

Puegeot in 1934, great designed car, looks like the top is coming down

Wipers on the inside and outside... and that might be Ron Howard... like Tere commented, it sure looks like him during the Andy Griffith show

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