Tuesday, December 28, 2010

1964 World's Fair display, Uniroyal Tire ferris wheel and Chrysler's Engineering Island

Chrysler's Pop-Art pavilion was one of the largest at the Fair and one of the most imaginative and fun places to visit. An over-sized engine, 55 feet high and 100 feet long with a dragon for a crank shaft stood on one island for the visitor to explore. Its Design Island was dominated by a giant car, 80 feet long from bumper to bumper. Its wheels were more than 20 feet high. Beneath the car, which sat seven feet off the ground, was an exhibit area in which visual displays stressed the company's automotive styling.

If you want to browse through the 1964 Worlds Fair, there is a website (First link below) that has some of the pavilions on an internet tour, and informs us of where some of the artifacts went after the fair was over and they have located a few interesting ones, like the Long Island Railroad Display (the front end of an engine the back half of a caboose) which is in the process of being restored

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